Fall Hunter Pace Dates:

Sunday, September 29th

Sunday, October 27th

Rain/make-up date: November 10th

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Hunter Paces can vary by region and even by sponsoring club, but for Red Mountain Hounds, a Hunter Pace is a marked trail ranging from 4-14 miles, depending on the division.  Teams of three or less riders follow a flagged course through our actual hunt territory, with the goal to complete the course as close to an ideal time as possible.  Optimum time is determined by the distance of the trail and the set pace for the division.  We offer four divisions:

Strollers:  A relaxed and leisurely stroll through our hunt country. Pace is 4 MPH. Distance is 4-6 miles. No jumps.

Hill Topper:  For sporty riders who prefer a moderate pace through the hunt country. Jumps up to 3' are optional. Pace is 6 MPH. Distance is 8-12 miles.

First Flight:  For riders who enjoy fast pace and a challenging ride. Jumps up to 3' are optional. Pace is 8 MPH. Distance is 8-14 miles.

Full Cry: For those seeking a very fast pace and the thrill of what fox hunting is really like. Jumps not exceeding 3' are encouraged but are optional. Pace is 10 MPH. Distance is 8-14 miles.


There is no required dress code (or tack requirements), but we do request that all riders wear protective riding helmets.  No timing devices allowed.  A current, negative Coggins is required for all horses. 

Prizes for 1st-6th places are awarded for each division (ribbons will be mailed to Rider#1 on the entry form).  In addition, series Champion and Reserve Champion prizes are awarded for each division at the end of the year.

ENTRY FEES: $35.00 per adult rider & $25.00 per junior (under 18) rider. Entries and registration will be taken on site the day of the hunter pace.  Make checks Payable to Red Mountain Hounds. Please do not arrive before 8:30am.

We host 2 spring Hunter Paces and 2 fall Hunter Paces at Quail Roost Farm (418 Quail Roost Farm Road, Rougemont, NC 27572).

** Please do not jump the jumps or ride through the water complex on the cross country field , we do not have permission to use these during the hunter paces. Please stay to the edge of all fields unless specifically marked. **


Directions to Quail Roost: From I-85 N in Durham, exit Rt. 501- North/Roxboro Road. Approximately 13 miles, left into Quail Roost Farm Road (look for yellow barns). Continue straight until you see the road turns to gravel. Turn right just before the gravel and park in the pasture behind the yellow barn (there will be someone directing parking).


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